Heating Repair

Steam Heating problems happen at the Worst possible Moment! We Can Fix Your Steam Heater TODAY!

Is your steam heater making weird nosies? Are parts of your house a sauna and other parts are freezing? Is your heat not working at all? For all of your steam heat problems you are in the right place. We have been providing heating repair in Philadelphia for over 10 years! No heat, leaky radiators, heating tuneups . . . we do it all when it comes to steam heating repair.

Why put your Trust in Precision Plus for heating repair in Philadelphia?
If your heating system isn’t working properly, you can count on Precision Plus Plumbing. We repair and service gas and radiator heating systems the SAME DAY so you are not left out in the cold!.

1. Heating Experts – All our technicians are trained and experienced to repair all radiator heat systems.

2. Fully Stocked Fleet of Service Trucks – All our service trucks are fully stocked with the parts needed to repair your gas heater.

3. 24/7 Emergency Service – If you have no heat in your Philadelphia home we can help, no matter what time or day of the week it is.

What You Should Know BEFORE Letting Any Technician Repair Your Steam Heat System

It can be nerve wrecking and uncomfortable when it’s cold outside……… I have seen a lot of creativity when it’s even colder inside. With so many companies offering fast, reliable service, who should you call? What information should you share when placing a service call? And how can you reduce your risk of being taken advantage of?


1) The best time to get advice is when you don’t need it!

Have your steam heat system cleaned and inspected during the preseason, every year. This way you increase your chances of avoiding an uncomfortable situation, and catching a small problem before it gets worse. Use this time to ask any questions you may have regarding the safe operation of your heating and air equipment.

Also use this time to become familiar with the controls, how they work, and most importantly what you as a homeowner can do in the event of an emergency.


2) Know thy company!

All heating and air companies are not created equal. Some only do cer. Some may even be “handymen” or electricians disguised as “heating experts”. You would be surprised to learn that so many companies promote themselves as locally owned and operated, or”advertise” that they are licensed and insured, when they are not. It is also sad that far too many companies have very little desire in fixing old heaters, they much rather make the “big bucks” by installing new ones. The 2 guys that you want to watch out for is the tech that “identifies” the problem, only to turn into the parts changer by charging you to replace multiple parts until they finally get the right one replaced. The second company you need to watch out for is when most of the talk is centered around replacing your system, when you still have years of life left in it. There are times when a system should be replaced, no longer efficient, repair cost does not make sense, or when it shows signs that it is on it’s last leg. Some provide year round training for their techs to provide you with better service, while others have their techs “learning “ while in your home.


3) Know your system.

It helps to be knowledgeable about your heating system before you call for service. Do you have a furnace, does it blow out hot air? Or doyou have hot water heat, radiators in each room? It also helps to know how your system is fueled. Is it gas, electric, or do you have oil heat?

And third, it helps to let the office know who makes your HVAC equipment. Hint…………… it’s not Honeywell or energy star. This way you can help make sure that the right company, and the right technician is working on your system. For example, we still have a lot of steam systems in Philadelphia, but everyone is not talented enough to service and install them. Some companies specialize in oil heat, while others focus on Forced Air heating systems. To save time and aggravation, make sure that the company you call is familiar and experienced to provide the service that you are looking for.


4) How will you be charged?

It would be wise to know upfront how you will be charged. Is there a service fee? Does it get applied to the work? Will you be charged time and materials? Will they be able to get started right away, or will a salesman be coming out first? Can they show you how they got to their estimate, or is it more like a guestimate based on how they are feeling or how bad you need the service? Is the pricing structure in writing or are they making it up as they go?

What happens if the job takes longer then expected, will there be any additional charges?

Every single one of these questions is valid and should have your attention. To make matters of pricing as easy as possible for our customers, we have been using

a flat rate system for years with our clients. They pay a small service fee that covers the cost of getting a skilled tech to your home to properly diagnose the equipment ( make sure you keep your coupon received with this document, so that yours is free), and then they have an approved pricing structure so that customers can see how they arrived at the estimate, along with any available discounts. This pricing structure puts customers at ease, no one is going to the truck trying to “create ” a price, or “fishing ” for prices by calling the office. Make sure the company you call , can show you how they arrived at the “final estimate”.


5) Keep solid records

Any parts that are installed should come with a warranty. From my experience the majority of companies do not keep great records, so you may want to. Also it comes in handy when you can verify the date your system was recently serviced, and what repairs were made.



6) Do your research

It still amazes me to this day how unlicensed and uninsured contractors keep getting work. And then the customer gets upset when they have to call in the “experts” to come behind them. The next time someone presents an estimate to you, ask to see their license and insurance. If they can produce it, let them do the work. If they cannot show you that the company they are working for is licensed and insured, unless they are charging you half the going rate, it may not be wise to invest with them. Also contact the BBB, or other online reviews. How long has the company been in business, do they have a 100% satisfaction Guarantee Policy in place? How easily can they be contacted, or do you have to leave a message at a “house” or with a “family member”?

Is there an office or 800 number you can voice your concerns too? All of these questions should be taken into  consideration BEFORE, and not AFTER you spend money on repairs on new installs.

Call today for immediate service if you have no radiator heat, need gas heater repair, boiler heater replacement or radiator heat problems. We provide heating repair in Philadelphia the same day you call!