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Philadelphia Water Heater Repair  Guaranteed, Today!


TOP 3 Reasons to call PRECISION PLUS NOW, if your PHILADELPHIA WATER HEATER has a drip or is not working.

  • 72% of the time we can repair your existing water heater without replacing it. Our fully stocked service vehicles carry multiple parts from 6 of the largest water heater manufacturers , this way we’re able to saves you time and money.
  • When it is time for replacement, we offer better warranties than any other company serving the Philadelphia area. We cover parts, service, even tank leakage…for up to a lifetime.
  • We can get you back in hot water today. Service is always available after 5pm and weekends.


Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee that you will not find an identical water heater experience (product, service, installation quality, warranties and guaranties) from another company for less… or we will happily pay you the difference plus a $25 finder’s fee.



We stand behind our installation and products so firmly that if your water heater fails you within the first year, not only will we fix it for free, but we will also give you $100 in vouchers towards future services.


No Lemon Guarantee

Should your water heater tank develop a leak during its guaranteed period, we will remove it and give you a completely new water heater free. If you have ever experienced a “lemon” before, you will truly appreciate our commitment to your long term satisfaction.





1) Immediate installation available 90% of the time, we are prepared to resolve your problem NOW.
2) Precision Service Protection: 24 hr service (free trip charge, no repair bills) if a problem occurs.
3) System Enhancements: On going training allows us to install controls that will keep your family safe, and extend the life of your heater.
4) Removal of old tank: We will not leave your tank in basement or the curb.
5) No 3rd party warranty issues.It is frustrating dealing with the company who sold the heater, manufacture, and installer. We manage your install and warranties
6) Technicians are drug screened and background checked: You cannot trust just anyone in your home today. We have eamed the trust of the communities we serve since 1998.
7) Safely drain existing tank: We are fully prepared so that we do not flood out your basement or condo.
8) Straight Forward Pricing: You get to approve the final price before we start, same price nights or weekends.
9) Performance Water Heater: We believe we have one of the best tanks available today, combined with our system enhancements, will provide your family with worry free service.
1 0) Water Quality Report: Your water quality greatly effects the performance of the tank, and how long it will last. We will test
both the hardness and chlorine content. We also use electronic gas leak detectors to be certain all
visible gas lines are free from hazardous gas leaks.



4 Things you can do right now if you have an electric water heater, and no hot water….. or you can call us and we can do it for you!

To make things as easy as possible, I have tried to break things  down into a few steps. Before you even consider trying to determine what is wrong with your  “electric water heater”, you must have an electronic volt meter  to properly inspect both controls. If you are uncomfortable with testing electrical circuits, please do not read any further and get professional advice.


Step 1

Locate the electric panel in your home or condo and you want to find the breakers that are marked for water heater. Please note, just because it says “electric water heater” does not mean that it is accurate. In many cases, it may not be marked at all.


Step 2

While the breaker is still in the on position, remove the upper plates on the tank, a flat head screw driver normally does the trick. On the top, you will see a black and red wire coming down providing power to the top control. Put your volt meter on the 2 screw heads and make sure you are getting proper voltage. If you are not, seek the help of an electrician to provide proper voltage to your controls. If you are getting proper voltage, turn the main breaker off, and proceed to step 3.


Step 3

Confirm that the power is off by retesting for voltage. Now , starting from the top 2 controls, remove all the wires, and re-tighten the screws. Please note, take a picture 1st, to make sure that you put all the screws back properly. Use an ohm reader to test the bottom control, it should read between 11 to 15 ohms. Test the top control by placing your special meter on the  screw heads on the left, if bulb gets bright, it’s working, if it does not, it needs replacing.


Step 4

Now repeat those steps for the identical 2 controls at the bottom.

This is the fastest way that I know of to determine what is wrong with your “electric water heater”. There are still other things to take into consideration, such as….  how old is your existing water heater? Does it make sense to repair, or simply replace? If one of the failed parts went bad, does it make sense to replace the same upper or lower control part as well.

Part 2 of this equation is how much is your time worth? Just because you know how to “troubleshoot”, or “fix it”, does not always mean that you should. My last tip is that if the bottom of the upper, or lower control fails, it requires a special tool to remove. Please make sure to properly drain the tank first, and properly fill before turning the power back on.




Google Home Depot Water Heater Complaints
I needed a new water heater, against my better judgement, I dedded to go with Home Depot to get the unit installed. The installer said additional items were required for an approved installation. These 3 additional items along with taxes were $391.00. This was in addition to the tank and there installation fee. On calling Home Depot about the prices for the 3 items (more than the cost of the new heater), they said they have no control over what contractors charge.

Purchased GE hot water heater 2008- with a 12 year warranty only to findout does not cover labor beyond the 1st year. One week after purchase it blew out the theromstat, have had to have 3 major repairs in the 1st year. Year 2 it blew a breaker and an element. Labor not covered but parts were sent. Now both elements are bumt out again. I looked on website and there have been multiple complaints on GE units -they should not be able to sell and be responsible for faulty products homedepotcomplaints
I recently purchased a new water heater and installation from home depot. Shortly after the installation, I went to work, only to come home to a major flood. I called home depot while standing in an inch of water and they said there was nothing they could do about it! It took exactly 1 week to file the daim with home depot which the plumber denied. It cost me $3500.00 to repair my home from flooding caused by home depot and ifs third party sub contracted labor. If your thinking of home depot (DON’T DO IT) ifs not worth the hassle or aggravation your going too go through ( 9 to 5 installation window, unskilled labor, and time waiting in line, scheduling service.) Totally disatisified customer.
Gary Wayne Kneeland – ph#858-200-7676
We purchased a 40 gallon water heater at home depot on 12/22/2009 to be installed for a master bath addition, we couldn’t even take two 1 0 minute showers back to back. So I called the number on the tank only to be told no one could look at it since the sale date was over a year ago and even though we bought the nine year warranty it was only good for the tank. I told the lady what the problem was, she told me that 40 gallon tank only puts out 28 gallon of hot water. I asked why then was it called 40 gallon and she told me it holds 40 gallon of water but only heats 28 gallon. I wouldn’t recommend a ge hot water tank to anyone!
Debra of Red Lion, PA


 Don’t Be fooled when purchasing a water heater from a company that hires Sub Contractors!

Purchasing a Water Heater from Home Depot and Other Home Centers Creates a WIN-WIN for Everyone. (NOT)
(There is a small intital savings for the homeowner, and hundreds of service calls for professionals after the first year of installation)

4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing From a Home Center
1.) GE Water heaters are only 75% efficient. A 40 gallon water heater delivers only 28 gallons of water.
2.) After 1 year of installation, you are on your own regarding labor charges.
3.) Hidden installation fees are routine, on top of the tank and installation fees. (removal of old tank, pipe and fitting charges.)
4.) Extended Warranty tanks still will not cover labor after year 1. If they do not have the same exact model number of the
one you purchased and your tank leaks (they conveniently change numbers every two years), they will give you a $150 credit
towards a new install after year 2, and your still on your own regarding installation.



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