My recipe for preventing costly kitchen sink drain clogged problems

My recipe for preventing costly kitchen sink drain clogged problems

My recipe for preventing costly kitchen sink drain clogged problems

 I am often amazed at what people put down the kitchen sink drain and it makes the drain clogged. While I would agree tha

t the garbage disposal is a wonderful appliance, please keep in mind that it has limitations.

Just last week we had a client call, and she was not a happy camper with her drain clogged!  How would you feel if  you were having company over for dinner, and your kitchen sink just died on you? What makes matters worse is that the problems were self inflicted. In the basement we found that a large section of the drain line was filled with eggshells.

Here are 5 things you can do to prevent kitchen sink problems and having your drain clogged.

1)       Do not use the garbage disposal without running water 15 seconds before and after you use  your disposal or you will end up with a drain clogged.

2)       Pouring grease down your drain is asking for trouble. Use a glass jar and trash can instead.

3)       Do not allow food particles with stringy consistency such as celery, and skins from poultry to go down the drain.

4)       Once a month pour ice cubes over your running disposal, this will sharpen the blades.

5)       If your garbage disposal stops working, try hitting the red reset button below the unit.

My top 3 ways to greatly reduce the risk of having a drain problem NOW, and preventing one in the future!

  • STOP putting wipes , or any disposal rags down the drain. I realize that the advertisements say they are flushable, we respond to at least 38 service calls a month that says otherwise.
  • Garbage disposals work great for clearing a plate, however they have their limitations. If you ask yourself “I WONDER IF THIS IS A GOOD IDEA “, that is a clue that you should stop. Never empty an entire pan at once. Be very careful with putting too much pasta, rice, and green leafy vegetables . Keep your blades on the disposal sharp by allowing the motor to grind up ice cubes on a monthly basis.
  • If your home was built prior to 1981, you should be using Biosmart for your kitchen, bathtub, laundry, and bathroom sink drain. Unlike acid based drain cleaners that create problems for your drains by destroying the inner walls of the pipe, clients who use biosmart do not call us for drain problems.

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