How Often should your heating system be cleaned?

How Often should your heating system be cleaned?

It is recommended by boiler and furnace manufacturers that your heating system be serviced once a year. During this time, the technician should perform the following:


1)      Remove chimney cap and inspect the base of the chimney to ensure flue gases are escaping properly.

2)      Check all electrical controls and wiring.

3)      Remove all dirt sitting at the base of the chimney and burner assembly.

4)      Make a visible inspection of circulating pump, pipes and fittings around heater.

5)      Watch pressure/temperature gauge and add water if necessary.

6)      Replace thermocople and/or filter.

7)      Inspect safety relief valve and discharge pipe for signs of leakage.

8)      Make sure shutoff valves, switches and thermostat work properly.


By having this type of service done once a year, you prevent small problems from turning into expensive repairs, reduce the risk and discomfort of having no heat at all, and increase the efficiency and life of your heater. Failure to have your heater serviced annually by a skilled technician could result in equipment failure, severe personal injury or substantial property damage.


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