Drain Care Pro Terms of the Program


Terms of the Program

Why do I need Drain Care Pro?

I’ve never had a problem with my sewer line. Why should I worry about it now?

How much does a typical sewer line repair cost?

Exactly what is covered with Drain Pro, so that I know what I am paying for?

Exactly what is not covered?


Why do I need the Drain Care Pro program?

Drain problems are never expected or planned, in fact they often happen at the worse possible moment. The is the most affordable way to have your problems resolved. Also homeowners are responsible for the piping between the house and the curb. No other plumbing company provides a more affordable way to resolve this common expense.

I’ve never had a problem with my main drain line, why worry about it now?

Because when you do, repairs are expensive and you’ll need a qualified contractor fast. While many factors, including soil type, the line’s age and the amount of trees, contribute to the failure of your sewer line, the most prominent is usage. While impossible to predict exactly when a sewer line failure will occur, odds are, it will be unexpected and when you can least afford it.

How much does a typical sewer line repair cost?

Repairs can cost between $3,500 and $4,000, but if your line runs under paved surfaces, sidewalks, sprinkler systems or trees, it can cost even more, not to mention the additional travel and service call fees.

Exactly what is covered with Drain Pro, so that I know what I am paying for?

We will send a technician out to your home at no charge ( up to 2 visits per year- including weekends and holidays), to restore flow to any fixture or drain that is stopped up. You will also receive discounts on any other plumbing service as a VIP customer. In the event that your main drain cannot be cleaned between the foundation wall and curb, then we will cover the expense to make needed repairs.

Exactly what is not covered?

If no access is available for us to clean your drain, we may have to remove/reinstall toilets, install clean out fittings , etc. Also we do not cover the portion of your drain between the curb and the street.




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“ Precision Plus shows up on time and is very professional, and courteous. I needed them for a faucet replacement. I was given two faucets to chose from and I chose the more expensive one, because it came with a better warranty. They changed my faucet and then went above and beyond. They cleaned my drain out at no extra charge, added a washer to another faucet at no charge and even checked other house drains as a courtesy. They even checked my water heater and pipes downstairs. Precision Plus always answers their phones and I highly recommend their services.

– Emily L.

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