Another Satisfied Gas Leak Detection Customer in Philadelphia

Another Satisfied Gas Leak Detection Customer in Philadelphia

Another Satisfied Gas Leak Detection Customer in Philadelphia

Did the gas company shut off your gas to due a leak? Do you smell gas? Call today for immediate gas leak repair and gas leak detection service!

Gas Leak Services
Gas leaks are not to be taken lightly. When a gas leak is present the chances of having a dangerous explosion are just shy of certain. Don’t get caught off guard one day….take control of your safety TODAY!

Gas Leak Detection
If you think you have a possible gas leak in your home, don’t hesitate to call. Our technicians will come out with state of the art leak detection equipment. If a leak is detected, our technicians will be able to fix the problem on the initial visit.

Gas Leak Repair
Do you need gas leak repair services in the Philadelphia area? We repair gas leaks and will even inspect your gas line to make sure there are no additional leaks that could possibly get your gas shut off.


If you suspect a natural gas leak in your Philadelphia home, follow these steps: Gas Leak Repair

  • Leave the area immediately and call us at 215-748-7587
  • Do not use any electrical device, such as light switches, telephones or appliances such as garage door openers. They could spark and ignite the gas.
  • Do not use an open flame, matches or lighters
  • Do not try to locate the source of the gas leak
  • Do not try to shut off any gas valves or appliances
  • Do not start vehicles
  • Do not re-enter the building or return to the area until you are told its safe
  • If the natural gas ignites, let it burn. Do not put out the flame; burning gas will not explode.
  • If you are digging and think you may have damaged a natural gas pipeline, leave the area immediately. If you are using motorized equipment and can turn off the motor safely, do so to prevent the ignition of any leaking gas. Then abandon the equipment and leave the area. Never restart equipment until the surrounding environment has been checked and declared safe.

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