5 Things You Should Know Before Calling A Roto Rooter Company

5 Things You Should Know Before Calling A Roto Rooter Company

These five things are of utmost importance in saving you costly mistakes, unnecessary frustration and headaches. Let’s get to it, you most likely are only calling a plumber because you either have a plumbing problem or you want to update some of the plumbing in your home. Here are 5 things to consider before calling a Roto Rooter Company.


1. Training and Credentials

Let’s be straight forwards here; most Roto Rooter employees have only completed a minimal degree of plumbing education. They are not provided with on-going training, and they are easily replaced by the next guy.

At Precision Plus Plumbing, our technicians are Master Plumbers and they are committed to receiving ON-GOING education and training.

2. Most Roto Rooter technicians lack in experience in the field(it makes sense since they have minimal plumbing education).You don’t want to be the training class for an inexperienced technician, or else you’ll pay while he learns. Guesswork should be settled in the classroom, not your bathroom. Often we have to “clean up the mess” for Roto Rooter technicians who were using customer bathrooms are their learning grounds.

Simply ask about training policies for technicians and strict hiring requirements BEFORE you invite a contractor to your home. With us, we know that we will “wow” you with our experience and knowledge in the plumbing field; the other guys, not so much.

3. Pricing Scams

Roto Rooter has a bad habit of reeling you in with one price and then shocking you cold with another. They may tell you the job will only cost “x” amount and then amazingly as their working the price has now tripled. Let our Precision technicians give you the full price up front, BEFORE we start the job.

4. Scheduling Problems

Roto Rooter is one of those companies that feel you have nothing better to do than wait around all day for a technician to show up. They want you to wait at home, on their time. Most likely they will give you a “ball park” time of 9-5. In other words, your day is shot while you sit around for the plumber. With Precision, we give you a GUARANTEED 2 hour time frame. There’s not waiting around all day for us.

5. Warranty Issues

If you don’t get a guarantee and something fails, you get to pay to have the same problem fixed twice. That doesn’t sound fair, but that’s what happens on many jobs we “fix” after Roto Rooter has packed up and left with your money. At Precision our warranties are like no other in the field.




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